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*****$150,000 MINIMUM Purchase Price****

Weichert, Realtors® - MN Real Estate Options offers two types of contract for deed. 

  1. We can help you find the traditional type of contract for deed where the owner  offers their property for sale on a contract for deed.  OR
  2. We offer a unique opportunity for a contract for deed where YOU PICK YOUR PROPERTY!

Advantages to a Contract for Deed

  • No bank qualifying
  • No lender processing fees
  • Damaged credit o.k.  (must be willing and able to repair in a given time)
  • Build equity
  • Hold equitable title to your home
  • No lender processing fees
  • Flexible terms
  • Pets are not a problem
  • Enjoy of the home – painting, improvements etc. 

What is a Contract for Deed?

A Contract for Deed allows a buyer to purchase a home without obtaining a mortgage. In essence, the homeowner becomes the lender to the buyer, sometimes known as owner financing. This works similar to a mortgage except the buyer and seller sign a contract for deed and the buyer agrees to pay for the property in installments to the home owner/seller. The seller holds legal title to the property while the buyer holds equitable title. Equitable title allows the buyer the right to enjoy all of the benefits of home ownership during the course of the contract. At the end of the contract term the buyer can pay the remaining balance in cash or refinance the balloon payment to pay off the seller and become the owner of the legal title. Generally, the contract for deed term lasts for three to five years. The advantages to a contract for deed or owner financed purchases is that you don’t need to qualify for a traditional mortgage.

Traditional Contract for Deed

Our unique approach is unlike any other CD program you will findWe will match you with an investor/homeowner that will sell a home on contract for deed terms based on your application information. Each investor/owner has individual qualification & down payment requirements. Our experienced staff will match you with the right investor in the right program to fit YOUR needs and budget. Once you become a qualified, matched candidate, we will negotiate the terms and ensure the contract suits both parties. Upon acceptance, we will then legalize the agreement and you become a proud home owner!

Does this sound good to you? Do you have down payment cash on hand? Are you looking to purchase within the 7-County Twin Cities Metro? If so, don't hesitate to start the process NOW! Our private investors/owners are in HIGH-DEMAND, as you can imagine. Don't waste any more time, contact Vicki Schwartz for an initial no-obligation consultation today and find out if we can HELP YOU BUY THE HOME OF YOUR DREAMS - TODAY!

A Unique Kind of Contract for Deed

Our company provides access to unique CD options for potential home owners. We are one of very few real estate agencies that can provide an option for you to pick the home of your choice for your contract for deed.  

How the Unique Contract for Deed Works?

Minnesota contract for deed or owner financed homes can be tough to find and often times don’t meet the buyer needs.  Our unique option helps remove some of those barriers.  We work with understanding investors who are willing to take a look at home owners who have fallen upon hard times and are trying to rebuild their credit.  Our real estate investors understand that buyers may have had a short sale, foreclosure or bankruptcy on their record.  They take a look at what has happened to change your life and what you are doing to rebuild it. Once our real estate investors have qualified you for their program we take you- the contract for deed buyer out looking for your new home.  That’s right – you do the shopping.  The investor then agrees with you on the price and places an offer on the property.  Once the offer is accepted and property has closed, you finalize the paperwork with our real estate investor and move in.

Qualifications for Our Contract for Deed Program

Each person has unique circumstances.  Our real estate investors generally require the following information.  Keep in mind, they know that your credit could potentially be damaged or you could have a short sale, foreclosure or even bankruptcy on your record. How do you become a qualified buyer? Real estate investors generally require:

  • 10% - 12% down payment
  • Ability to repair your credit in a two to five year period
  • A recent credit report
  • 2 months of recent pay stubs
  • 2 months of recent bank statements
  • A hardship explanation
  • Other items specific to your situation