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Home Sellers How Motivated Are You?

Posted on Tue, Jan, 08, 2013 @ 13:01 PM


A very important question to consider when deciding or trying to sell your home is, How motivated am I?


Perhaps the single most important factor in how quickly a home will sell, besides the price, is the Seller's motivation.


If you say things like "we're not in a hurry", or "we don't want to just give it away", you can classify yourself as a Casual Seller and you should be aware that your home could sit on the market for a very long time if it even sells at all. This is an aggressive market and if you are even a little bit hesitant to sell, you probably shouldn't.

Anyone that find's themselves motivated to sell with a very distinct goal in mind such as; needing to sell for relocation or to move up to a larger home would be considered Serious Sellers with a level 8 or 9.  These types of sellers often find themselves with the mindset that they are not in a position to "sit" on the market for long and are ready to sell at a "perceived market price". These sellers still may find themselves unable to sell their home in this market.

If you are a seller that is ready to create the perception of value and position your home as more favorable than the competition, you are a VERY SERIOUSLY MOTIVATED SELLER and you can feel confident that your home Will Sell in this market!

Here are a few suggestions for our VERY SERIOUSLY MOTIVATED SELLERS to help you sell even faster!

  • PRICE IT RIGHT! Make sure you have an experienced professional real estate agent to help you when deciding what to sell your home for. Homes that are overpriced often sit on the market for months, even years and return a lower sale price than if you had just priced it right to start.
  • CONSIDER PAYING POINTS AND ADDED COSTS! Buying down the interest rate by paying additional points at closing can secure lower rates for your buyer which can be an attractive selling factor. In addition, if you are willing and able to pay closing costs and any inspections or repairs, you look much better to a buyer in this market.
  • THINK ABOUT OWNER FINANCING! If you are able to sell on an owner contract or contract for deed, you open your buyer pool up quite a bit. Buyers are credit challenged in today's market and offering unique financing terms can set your home apart from the competition. If you are considering this, check our Contract for Deed page, we offer a very unique situation for both buyers and sellers.
  • COMPLETE MINOR OR EVEN MAJOR UPDATES! Often times, buyers are looking for a move in home, homes that have many updates such as new carpeting or wall painting can be easy fixes that a motivated seller can complete which can add value and make your home more attractive to buyers.
  • OFFER TO PRE-PAY UTILITIES OR A WARRANTY! Many new home buyers find it tough to settle into the first few months of home ownership due to all the added expenses of utilities they may never have had to pay previously. Consider offering to pre-pay certain or even all utilities for a period of time which can be anywhere from one month to as many as you are able or willing to cover. This is a nice benefit to buyers and can definitely move your home up the attractive list.
  • CONSIDER GIVING A BONUS SERVICE! Owning a home, as you know, can be a lot of work. There is cleaning, and potential pool maintenance, gutter cleaning, heating and air servicing, and lawn care just to get started. Consider throwing in a pre-paid service for a period of time or even just a onetime can make your selling package top of the list.

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